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PAPIER ET COMPAGNIE : les poupées de papier

Petits souvenirs d'enfance : les poupées en carton que l'on habille avec des vêtements de papier, après de savants découpages ... D'ailleurs la partie la plus amusante du jeu, c'est le découpage :69: Voici un site américain de vente de livres de "paper dolls", et qui propose quelques modèles à imprimer. A visiter sans modération ... Voici également Cindy et Joe, et leurs vêtements : - vêtements de Cindy 1 - vêtements de Cindy 2 - vêtements de Cindy 3 - vêtements de Joe 1 - vêtements de Joe 2 - vêtements de Joe 3 Et Marylin Monroe dans toute sa splendeur ... Ce loisir ne faisant pas partie de ceux que je pratique, cette page a uniquement un but d'information, et sert à référencer quelques liens sympathiques pour quiconque souhaiterait se lancer dans cette technique. Il est donc inutile de me faire remarquer qu'il n'y a pas de photographie ni d'exemple, si vous voulez en voir, suivez les liens. Je ne peux pas non plus, énormément vous renseigner, mais si vous avez une question, n'hésitez tout de même pas à la poser, je vous répondrai dans la mesure de mes connaissances. Merci de votre compréhension.
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1. Ginette 17/12/2006

très beau en faites vous d'autres merci

2. anonimus 26/01/2007

les poupées en papier on fait toute mon enfance mais je dois admettre que je n'aimais pas beaucoup ça, en effet mon chien manger toute mes poupée et ça me découragai

3. enna 17/02/2008

j' adore le champ de sécurité !

4. murzeau 22/04/2008

c'est très amusans

5. kimi (site web) 11/11/2008

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6. kimi (site web) 11/11/2008

chu forte

7. savana (site web) 08/04/2009

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The still red-hot standing bag market place ?a influenced by celeb trendsetters including Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham ?a has not yet steered clear of the actual observe regarding several large auction homes. They are saying it?¡¥s a brand new and growing classification that is attracting an international customers of sellers and buyers.

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SINGAPORE : Police have charged any 42-year-old People from france woman about hunch of robbing extra bag.

Law enforcement received a report of go shopping thievery at The Shoppes from Harbour These kinds of Beaches in 30 July, the place where a luxury women's handbag have been compromised.

Based on an argument in the Singapore Police officers, officials from Main Police Department instantly conducted considerable floor questions to follow the suspect's location.

On Nineteen August, 2012, the actual officers attached a procedure from Changi Airport terminal and also caught the feminine suspect. The particular ripped off bag had been restored.

Exploration in to the situation is actually on-going, law enforcement state.

Your offense involving go shopping thieves bears the utmost phrase of 7 years' imprisonment, and a okay.

The police suggestions retail outlets to risk-free their own merchandise along with goods on display in order to avoid store robbery.
In involves quality as well as design, along with Hermes situated at the very top since the supreme must-have status symbol with its personalized and complex Birkin and Kelly felix silhouettes. (The baggage are usually called right after People from france occasional actress Britta Birkin and the overdue Lana turner.) They're great buckskin, special, hand-crafted items in which ?¡ãtake countless hours and hours?¡À to generate, stated Rubinger.

Some other popular, classic as well as sought after luggage will be the Lv duffel-style Keepall and its smaller-sized cousin, the Quick, and also the traditional flap bag ?a with its personal archipelago straps.

Your waiting list for a new Hermes bag could be considerable, top many people to find out online auctions as a practical alternative, included Carole Gordon, mind associated with Bonhams?¡¥ jewellery section, which mixes it's fashion accessory categories under one particular outdoor umbrella. Sale will also be usually where you can ?¡ãunusual then one of a sort pieces,?¡À she explained. It?¡¥s also a place exactly where variations no longer accessible in the particular retail industry can be discovered.

Even though many folks could imagine it?¡¥s crass to invest 5 or 6 digits on a carrier, the actual public sale homes said that they carry his or her value.

NEW YORK louis vuitton outlet, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. Just what woman wouldn?¡¥t covet a new bag simply by one of these famous fashion houses?

The nevertheless red-hot status handbag market ?a driven by simply celebrity trendsetters including Anne Holmes and Victoria Beckham ?a have not steered clear of the actual notice associated with a few large market properties. They say it?¡¥s a fresh along with expanding class that is appealing to a worldwide customers regarding sellers and buyers.

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SINGAPORE -- Police have caught a new 42-year-old This particular language woman upon hunch of taking extra ladies handbag.

Police officers received a report of store thievery at The Shoppes at Marina These types of Glass beads on 30 This summer, where a high end girl's bag had been taken.

In accordance with a statement from your Singapore Police, authorities via Main Law enforcement Department quickly carried out substantial floor inquiries to trace your suspect's location.

Upon Twenty August, Next year, the authorities fitted a surgical procedure from Changi Airport terminal and also charged the feminine suspect. The compromised bag has been recovered.

Study in the scenario is actually on-going, the police say.

The criminal offense of store theft bears the absolute maximum sentence in your essay involving several years' offender, and a great.

Law enforcement suggestions retail stores to protected their own items and also goods displayed in order to avoid go shopping theft.
In involves quality along with quality, along with Hermes located at the summit since the best must-have status symbol featuring its personalized and complicated Birkin as well as Kelly felix silhouettes. (The luggage tend to be named soon after This particular language celebrity Britta Birkin along with the past due Marilyn monroe.) They are fine buckskin, special, hand-crafted bits that ?¡ãtake hours and hours as well as hours?¡À to create, explained Rubinger.

Some other common, traditional as well as desired totes are the Lv duffel-style Keepall and it is smaller-sized cousin, the particular Fast, along with the classic flap tote ?a with its trademark chain tie.

The actual holding out checklist for a fresh Hermes bag may be substantial, primary many individuals to find online auctions like a feasible option, included Carole Gordon, go regarding Bonhams?¡¥ jewelry section, which mixes its fashion accessory groups beneath a single outdoor patio umbrella. Auctions can also be often the place to find ?¡ãunusual then one of a variety parts,?¡À the girl explained. It?¡¥s another place where variations will no longer obtainable in your retail store marketplace can be found.

Even though many people might think it?¡¥s crass to pay five or six digits on the tote, the particular market residences explained that they carry their benefit.

The big apple, Chanel, Lv. Just what woman wouldn?¡¥t want a new purse by one of these brilliant renowned fashion brands?

Your still red-hot status bag marketplace ?a powered through movie star trendsetters including Anne Holmes as well as Victoria Beckham ?a hasn't steered clear of the particular recognize involving several huge market houses. They are saying it?¡¥s a fresh and also developing category which is appealing to an international clients regarding sellers and buyers.

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